torsdag 11 september 2014

The life and music of a teenager: Hanna

  1. In what year were you sixteen? 
  2. what type of music did/do you lisen to?
  3. Who was your faverit band/artist?
  4. do you still lisen to that band/artist now?
  5. how did the music change you? 
  6. did you play any instrument when you were sixteen?


Hanna was sixteen in 1993. She liked to lisen to the readio and the toprated songs like by the cranberries for example Zombie. She also like John Hiatt Madona Witney Houston. When Hanna lisened to music she felt calm and relaxed. Hanna stil like to lisen to the same kind of music. She played the flute when she was sixteen.  

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