tisdag 3 december 2013

Finish the story

She went to bed and she fell asleep

The next day when she woke up, a new message was on her phone. It was another terrible message. She felt sad.

She got up and went to school. In school they were having English. They should work together two and two but noone wanted to be with her so she worked alone. And during the day noone talked to her. When she walked home it was raining and it was very dark. 

On the way home Rachel’s friends followed her. She started to run and she jumoed over a fence, a shortcut home. Afte a while they were gone and the phone started to ring again. 

She got home and she turned on her phone. When she started the phone she had five missed phone calls and 22 messages. She didn’t want to check them. 

Emma went up on a high building and the jumped....

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